“Where words fail, music speaks”
Hans Christian Anderson

There’s not a lot to say after that. Classically trained in piano and cello from an early age, I hungered for melody and song, finding my voice and picking up other instruments along the way – anything that could sing. Music lives in me and through me. In fact, I believe that we are all the very music of life – breathing, beating- hearted glorious things! To this day, I do not know what is more beautiful – the song itself or the rich afterglow of the following silence.

Please find a selection of my music here …

From “The Woman”, 2018

The songs of Tom Fairnie sung by Christine Sparks
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“This Perfect Sin” – LIVE at The Boarding House, Howwood 2019
“I’ll Know When I Get There” – LIVE with Tom Fairnie at The Boarding House, 2019
“Give Me the Good Times” – Lockdown House Concert for Finding Your Feet, May 2020

“Love Yourself Wildly”

From the upcoming album to be released early 2021

“Strangers to the Grey” with Davy Hutton. Videography by Kerr
“Living a Lie” live in the studio, 2018
“Love Yourself Wildly”, May 2020
“Diamond on Your Back” – Lockdown House Concert for Finding Your Feet, June 2020

From The Robert Burns Collection

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“Ae Fond Kiss”
Burns House Concert
“The Lea Rig”

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